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Oilfield Services & Supplies S.A.S.

Our Portfolio of Services:

Multiphase Flow Metering Services

The multiphase flow metering service from Oilfield Services & Supplies utilize HAIMO Multiphase Technology, being HAIMO a manufacture and multiphase service company worldwide. This service uses compact and light equipment for fast and save deployment during well testing operations. This advantage allows many clients the performance of accurate monitoring of flow rates of oil, gas and water.

Downhole and Surface Pumping and Stimulation Services

With the supply of specialize stimulation units and highly qualify personnel Oilfield Services & Supplies performs downhole stimulation services for organic and inorganic downhole treatment (scale). The use of mobile stimulation units with dual triplex pump systems helps our clients to reduce formation damage and to increase well productivity.

Compact Early production Facilities and Fast testing Facilities

Combining Multiphase Flow Meter compact equipment with compact separators, hydrocyclons and compact oil water polishing equipment Oilfield Services & Supplies offers our clients an alternative to conventional early production facilities to manage the well fluids in a safe and efficient way reducing footprints, space and overall costs.

Power Generation with Gas Generators

OSS can supply generators with gas engines from 750 Kw to 2000 Kw to be used for power generation at production facilities or well sites, enabling our clients to use the associated gas and hence reduce the cost related to the maintenance and operation of generators run with diesel engines.

Oilfield Services & Supplies was established in Colombia in April 2009 with the objective of supplying services for different clients in the oil and gas industry, in the well testing and production monitoring services with new multiphase metering technology and downhole pumping services for well intervention.

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