About Us

We do things good for our people, our environment and our society,but especially for our clients.

Historical Review - OSS

Oilfield Services & Supplies was established in Colombia in April 2009 with the objective of supplying services for different clients in the oil and gas industry, in the well testing and production monitoring services with new multiphase metering technology and downhole pumping services for well intervention. In 2012, OSS entered into an equity partnership with Haimo Technologies (Group) China for their products and services line; and further in 2016, OSS was reorganized as a Haimo Group company, under their International Business Group (IBG) along with other Haimo IBG companies in the Middle East region and the USA.

In the midterm OSS has as main objective to become number one integral solutions provider to our clients in the region covering early production facilities and fast testing services with compact equipment of rapid deployment as well as portable, safe and highly efficient systems. The objective is to supply integral solutions that bring added value to our clients reducing operational cost and capital expenditure surpassing quality and safety standards in the oil and gas industry.

In order to achieve this objective Oilfield Services & Supplies has compact equipment as new technology for treatment of produced water, water injection, production monitoring, well testing with multiphase technology and low production monitoring equipment (LPT) suitable to operate in heavy oil, medium and light oil and even gas Wells.To achieve this Oilfield Services & Supplies has compact, portable and new technology equipment for treatment, production, injection and produced water disposal. We have a wide range of equipment for measuring coverage and well testing such as multiphase meters, wells testing equipment low flow (from 10 bfpd) easy to deploy and fully automated conditioned to operate heavy and extra-heavy oil with heating systems. In addition, OSS supplies the service of providing electricity with gas engine generators paid monthly or per kW-h generated.

Our Values


The courage to shape a better future led by example.


Be real and foremost, act with integrity.


If it is to commit, it is for me.


Committed in mind and heart.


We do things right the first time.

  • We work together
  • We respect the individual
  • We communicate openly and honestly
  • We engage with the community

The mission of Oilfield Services & Supplies is to become the preferred service provider to the oil and gas industry aiming to meet the needs of our clients with our qualified and innovative portfolio of quality products and services with new technology; thus protecting the environment, providing a sustainable return and increasing our employees being and support for their professional growth.

Through our products and services we provide added value for the benefit of our clients, our people and the organization.


Oilfield Services & Supplies and its team will be recognized as the best allies of our clients leading the supply of products and services with new technology to the oil and gas industry in Colombia. Our commitment started since the time Oilfield Services & Supplies was created and must be consolidated in 2015 with the following premises.

People: Provide a great work environment where our team is motivated to give the best of themselves.

Porfolio of products and services: Offer to our clients a selected portfolio of services and products with new technology to provide integral solutions to their needs with best level of quality and safety.

Allies: Grow a strong network of clients and suppliers that working along will allow us to create added value and long-term mutual benefits.

Profitability: Maximize the Return of Investment of our shareholders, while maintaining integrity in all our work and responsibilities.

Community support: Contribute to the social development of the communities where we operate ensuring the preservation of the environment.